Virtual Home Energy Analysis

1. Schedule your analysis

Sign up for an appointment. You will be prompted to complete a pre-survey which be completed ahead of time to shorten the length of you’re a of your appointment or you can go through the survey questions with you Energy Expert at the time of your appointment. The survey may require you to walk around your home and look at your appliances, light fixtures, and other areas of your home.

2. Learn how you can save

At the time of your appointment, a trained Energy Expert will spend time discussing the best opportunities for you to save energy and money while also improving the comfort of your home. You will then be provided with a custom report of your home’s energy use with tips to help you save.

3. Receive free upgrades

You will receive a customized kit with high-efficiency LED bulbs, faucet aerators, pipe insulation, and more* – all for free
*Eligibility determined at the time of your appointment

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